Black Bike Week - The Atlantic Beach BikeFest - May 21 - 25, 2015

The Atlantic Beach BikeFest 2015 Has Not Been Cancelled.

Left Tower Photo

Right Tower Photo

The Mayor of Myrtle Beach nor the City of Myrtle Beach City Council nor the Governor of The State of South Carolina can cancel The Atlantic Beach BikeFest.  They are using the media to plant that idea in the heads of those who don't know any better.  What they want from you is to believe and spread their propaganda.  Do not fall for it.

The Atlantic BikeFest has been an annual event for over 35 years.  It is called The Atlantic Beach BikeFest because it is held in Atlantic Beach, South Carolina not Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  With that fact in mind, why would you or anyone else believe Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has the power to cancel something they had no hand in creating and have no hand in maintaining.

The Mayor of Myrtle Beach and The Governor of South Carolina are attempting to use the media to spread untruths to fool us into not returning to The Grand Strand in 2015.

Do Not fall for their feeble attempts to put an end to The Largest African-American Motorcycle Rally in the world.

Over 300k people attended the 2014 Atlantic Beach BikeFest.  We want to double that number for the 2015 Atlantic Beach BikeFest.  We want every club, every independent rider and every hiphugger who has ever been to Black Bike Week or ever thought about going to Black Bike Week to attend the 2015 Atlantic Beach BikeFest.

What we don't want is a replay of what happened in 2014.  We don't want anyone bringing that foolishness to The Atlantic Beach BikeFest.  If you want to fight, rob, shoot or kill, stay your ass at home with that crap.  That's not what we are there for.

Make your reservation early!  Let them know we won't be scared away.  Let them know we are coming!!!